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<p>You’ll be getting a chance to build a theme park full of hyper-realistic robots of your own in just a short while thanks to Warner Bros. Interactive and Behaviour Interactive, the folks behind Fallout Shelter. In the new Westworld mobile game, you’ll be leaving the uncanny valley far behind you as you manage every facet of your morally dubious, simulated robo-sanctuary.</p><p>Westworld looks to fall into the same vein as Fallout Shelter. A teaser on the Westworld website describes the game as a “training simulator” for new Delos employees. Players will not only be able to craft their own hosts, they’ll be managing every other facet of the park as well, including keeping guests happy. What could possibly go wrong? A lot actually, but it’s just a training sim, right? Right?</p><p>The game’s currently in soft launch in the Philippines on iOS and in Denmark, Finland, Malaysia, Norway, Sweden and Thailand on Android. We’ll let you know when we get a solid release date.</p>.

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