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<p>Soul Hunters continues its dominating brand presence with the inclusion of Ezio Auditore as a playable character.</p><p>Starting today, you can select Ezio in the game and use his signature weapons and attributes to quell all foes.</p><p>This collaboration between Lilith Games and Ubisoft is to help Assassin's Creed gain further recognition in Asian gaming markets, while also introducing Soul Hunters to a broader audience in North America.</p><p>Soul Hunters has already been played by over 80 million people though - so it does alright for itself - but this crossover certainly won't do it any harm either.</p><p>You create and lead a party of heroes into various battles across eight different kingdoms in order to free them from a terrible curse. The battles are set in real-time and focus on strategic gameplay.</p><p>You can also build guilds and collect over 50 heroes, so there's plenty to keep you occupied and entertained.</p>Soul Hunters is a free download on both iOS and Android, so might just be worth a look. Especially now Ezio's on-board and all the attention Ubisoft are getting today..

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