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<p>Rumble Stars is the latest game to announce its Christmas rundown. Of course, they've already released the Dashing Deer whose intercepting prowess has earned it a spot on my team for at least the duration of the festive season.</p><p>Frogmind will be giving out daily gifts between now and the 25th in an event they're calling the 12 Days of Rumble. I see what they did there! These will vary between gold, Rumblers, gems and occasionally a mixture of the three.</p><p>Additionally, there will also be new events each day that are promising big prizes if you manage to complete them. For instance, today's will reward you with 100 Lazy Pandas to help increase your idle bears level. If you're not an avid user of the Lazy Panda it's still worth doing as it contributes towards increasing your goalie's level.</p>.

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