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Hidden SurvivorMOD (Unlocked Full Content) v1.7

Version: Category:Casual
Size:542M Time:2022-08-16
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 her tears were my light Mod her tears were my light Mod APK 1.7.2 Features:this is the mobile version of HER TEARS WERE MY LIGHT: a visual novel originally created for NaNoRenO 2016.it's a yuri love story about time and space. as time, you can move forward, backward, or warp to any moment you create a save point for. can you use that power to save space from her feelings of loneliness?features: girls kissing! 3 endings, opendyslexic text option, plus spanish, french, german, korean, chinese, and russian language options. a full playthrough takes about half an hour.content advisory: mild horror elements. incredibly sappy romance.story and character art by NomnomNamibackgrounds by Emmitmusic by LydianChordtranslations: HunterTraducciones (spanish), LaChouette (french), Lisa Petermann (german), KyleHeren (korean), HomYvan (chinese), and tinenmi (Tuna Std.), River (russian)�


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