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<p>V4, the online MMO from Nexon, has received a new update which adds the long-awaited assassin class into the game on iOS and Android platforms.</p><p>The Assassin class is a deadly melee character who uses two chained daggers as a weapon. They can attack at a high range using chains to reach enemies quickly. The Assassin has six skills to use, and furthermore, Assassin gear has been added to Item Sets.</p><p>To coincide with this new addition to V4, new event dungeons have been added to the game. The event period lasts from today until the end of February and features the Scholar&rsquo;s Paradise I and II event dungeons, which each have their own requirements. To access the first one you&rsquo;ll need to be between levels 22 and 70, and if you&rsquo;re over level 70 you&rsquo;ll qualify to enter the second Scholar&rsquo;s Paradise event dungeon.</p>.

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